This Tumblr is Made of Wut

I see posts about people frustrated when some (usually) girl posts about how they saw two boyfriends walking down the street and thought it was super adorable and went up and told them how cute they were and stuff. I understand the frustration: we don’t want to be made to feel like we’re an exhibit at a zoo. The whole point of love equality is that our gay love should not be more exceptional (and therefore note-worthy) than that of a straight couple’s. It’s still discrimination, but of the positive kind.


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If Jafar paid more attention to detail, Aladdin would have ended differently.

The magic carpet has the Cave of Wonders lion in the decoration, and…well…obviously Aladdin was just there. 2+2 etc. etc.

Remember that time I made this exact observation a week ago and it got six notes? Good lookin, Tumblr.

Remember that time I made this exact observation a week ago and it got six notes? Good lookin, Tumblr.

In defense of Separate, but Equal

Movie scores should not be so difficult to obtain.

Time to wax philosophic because there’s no character limit.

I have Grindr. I also am on a couple of “matchmaking” sites. I don’t understand people sometimes. “Masc guy,” “very masculine guy” etc. etc. What the fuck does that mean? That you have hair? That you’re “straight-acting”? All it means to me is that you’re ignorant enough to perpetuate definitions of manliness that discriminate in ways that, frankly, the gay community should be a little more sensitive to, being itself a group discriminated against because of its perversion of hegemonic characterization of gender and sexuality. It just irritates me, and I can’t put that in a <100 character Grindr profile.

To those it may concern: American History X taught us a lot. 1) Redemption is possible even among the most seemingly lost. 2) Racism still exists today and is real. 3) Edward Furlong’s career is over. Notice that that list doesn’t include a how-to guide on shooting up Sikh temples. Please and thank you, asshole.

And if those words appeared not next to a hot boy at the beach but next to a picture of a pedophile?

And if those words appeared not next to a hot boy at the beach but next to a picture of a pedophile?

Child abuse is a totally different thing altogether. China has been doing this for years, this is not news. If you feel bad about it, do something about it. Don't use it as a scapegoat to attack your local, responsibly home-grown heroes. Michael Phelps is an Olympic champion and the most decorated Olympian in history now. He trained hard to earn that title. Yes, the sensationalization of athletes is there, but no one is doing what we're doing. Be proud to be an American man.

Those people have been training Michael since he was 12. That’s why he was an Olympian at 15. At best it’s child neglect of some sort.  I know how hard he trains. I trained just as hard, but for not as much of the year. 

I find it really dangerous that you think I shouldn’t be attacking a “local, responsibly home-grown hero” as opposed to China’s athletes. What makes them different? Are our children inherently better because they’re American? Does that make it okay to mold them into Olympians in a way that isn’t okay for the Chinese to do? Or the Russians, home of the previous most-decorated athlete? 






Please get that straight.

Dear Tumblr user theonlyfin:

We are not going to suppress our survival instincts just because you are offended that girls are afraid to walk alone at night.


Why I don’t like Michael Phelps OR The Reasons I Don’t Buy Into The Sensationalization of Atheletes.

Phelps is the product of other people (his mother and his coach, Bob Bowman) manufacturing an amazing swimmer, and Phelps had the perfect raw material: genes suited to a swimming body, and ADHD that they were able to exploit. Yea, he won those medals himself, but does no one see the double standard when we praise him so much for winning but then read about how China basically does the same thing and we judge those winners for it?

So far, at least five people have asked about why I’m not at the Olympics. Like, seriously? Yea, I could have gone, but I decided to have a life instead. I made that decision, but I generally consider it to be impolite for you to dangle the carcass of my 15-year-old career in front of me like there’s any way to change things.

I’m so fucking sick of people pretending to know anything about sports.

Listen, bro, you don’t know shit about shit about swimming unless you’re, you know, a swimmer. I know swimming, and I know diving. Those will be what I talk about, if at all. So everyone needs to shut up.

Unpopular opinion:

The science tag has too much biology. I dun curr about dat shit.

I’ve finally understood why I miss Town so much.

Maybe Logan can back me up on this. Or Courtney. I’m not great with crowds. It’s so…crowded. Lots of people and lots of noise, I just don’t deal well with them. But when I’m out dancing at Town and the music is so loud that you don’t dare be right under a speaker and you know you’ll be deaf for a half hour after you leave and you just find some complete stranger to dance with, it’s an experience like no other. I become part of something bigger than myself. For a brief period, I’m a tiny part of a collective, a tangible manifestation of youth, carelessness and presence-without-consequence. I so rarely experience them, and even more rarely embrace the opportunity to do so. Time stops, I lose myself, and it’s just so amazingly freeing in a way that I’ve never been able to duplicate elsewhere. I’m gonna see about moving back to DC right after graduation. I’ll be 23/24 by then but that’s not quite yet too old. It’s just…therapeutic. Cathartic. Addictive.