This Tumblr is Made of Wut




[Gif 1: “The pundits have asked ‘Is this all some joke?’ I say if they are calling being allowed to form a Super PAC and collecting unlimited, untraceable amounts of money from individuals, unions and corporations and spend[sic] that money on political ads and for person[sic] enrichment and then surrender that Super PAC to one of my closest friends while I explore a run for office.

Gif 2: If that is a joke, then they are saying our entire campaign finance system is a joke]

When Colbert is on point he is always really on point.


Say what you will about Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart but they’re doing a damn good job of educating those who wouldn’t otherwise know about our out of control campaign finance system.

We will not see comprehensive healthcare, financial, energy, education, etc. reform until we pass comprehensive campaign finance reform, overturn Citizens United, and potentially amend the Constitution to stipulate that corporations do not constitute as persons.

Well done, gentlemen. Keep bringing this issue to the masses.